Meet the 3-6 Team


Mrs. Neilson

3rd Grade

Mrs. Pat Neilson has enjoyed teaching a variety of subjects including piano, classroom music, band, Language Arts and Reading in 5 different states. Some of her hobbies are gardening, sewing, making music and spending time with her large family, who mostly live far-away.


Mrs. Pilster

4th Grade

Mrs. Pilster is beginning her 16th year teaching. Prior to moving into the BOSS program, she was an interventionist at Ridge Crest Elementary. She loves going to 80’s rock concerts, has three beautiful children and two grandkids.


Mrs. Murdock

5th Grade

Mrs. Murdock is in her eighth year of teaching this school year. Her passion is curriculum and instructional design, receiving a MS degree in 2017. Most recently she graduated with a second MS in Educational Leadership. She is the proud mom of four kids. 


Mrs. Barrus

6th Grade

Mrs. Barrus not only loves fast-pitch softball, she especially loves coaching it. Her favorite sport to watch is football. A fun fact about Mrs. Barrus is that she spent her senior year studying Brazil.